The Anxious Goddess Workbook: A Survival Guide for the Modern Moon Child


Sometimes it feels like we just don’t belong, that merely existing in this intense world can feel like A LOT. When living with anxiety, depression, OCD, or any mental health challenges, life gets heavy, overwhelming, and extremely uncomfortable. Add layers of trauma based on our human experiences, and you have a recipe for a hot-mess.

In the pages of this workbook you’ll find a survival guide. Connecting with spirituality and nature, paying attention to cycles, and harnessing the magic of your most powerful resources will bolster you to not only survive, but thrive.

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This guide is written for anyone who wants to dive into introspective practices, self-awareness, and propel themselves forward. You don’t need a diagnosis, and identifying as female is NOT a requirement. We may refer to ourselves as Anxious Goddesses, but all humans are welcome here. You’re invited to show up as your most authentic self, because that’s where your power lies.

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Available locally at Freedom Rocks in Asbury Park and Earth Spirit in Red Bank NJ


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