Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Does it seem like everything is a crisis and life is incredibly hard to manage? Do you use unhealthy coping behaviors like self-harm, substances, or disordered eating? Do you see the world from an all or nothing point-of-view? If this sounds like you, Dialectical Behavior Therapy can be incredibly beneficial.

DBT teaches us how to live in the gray area, where all the possibilities are valid.

Through learning a wide variety of coping skills based on mindfulness and the ability to tolerate distress, we will replace unhealthy behaviors with more effective ways of coping in order to stabilize emotions. Clients may benefit from selected skills or from working through the entire DBT curriculum. Some clients may benefit from being held accountable via a “diary card”in order to keep track of behavior use, emotions, and triggers.

If you could benefit from the structure and mindfulness of DBT

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