Sand Tray Therapy

Perhaps you aren’t sure what you’d say in therapy, or don’t have the words for your experience. Maybe you feel stuck on a particular issue, or prefer a more creative therapeutic approach. If this is you, sand tray therapy is a wonderful option as it allows us to express ourselves without words.

Sand Tray Therapy is a unique form of creative and experiential counseling that allows clients to communicate by creating a world out of representative figures in a sandbox. In this way, we’re able to access the unconscious, addressing underlying issues and trauma. It may take a series of trays in order for a client to resolve a particular issue and work it out through the sand. This work taps into clients’ natural ability to heal themselves in a safe and contained environment, while the therapist holds space for the client to create and process their own world in the sand. The answers lie within us, and sand tray therapy helps us uncover this knowledge.

Sand tray therapy can be used with individuals, adolescents, families, and couples. It can be used as a primary form of treatment or in conjunction with other styles of counseling, and is especially effective in helping clients move forward when they feel stuck in the therapeutic process.

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