The Anxious Goddess Workbook

Hey Anxious Goddess,

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here. Ever been told you’re “too sensitive?” Or that anxiety is all in your head? Maybe you’ve been labeled “overdramatic,” or “too much.”

Sometimes it feels like we just don’t belong, that existing in this intense world can feel like A LOT. When living with anxiety, depression, OCD, or any mental health challenges, life gets heavy, overwhelming, and extremely uncomfortable. Add layers of trauma based on human experiences, and it’s a recipe for a hot-mess.

In the pages of this workbook lie a survival guide. Connecting with spirituality and nature, paying attention to cycles, and harnessing the magic of your most powerful resources will bolster you to not only survive, but thrive.

This guide is written for anyone who wants to dive into introspective practices, self-awareness, and propel themselves forward. You don’t need a diagnosis, and identifying as female is NOT a requirement. We may refer to ourselves as Anxious Goddesses, but all humans are welcome here. You’re invited to show up as your most authentic self, because that’s where your power lies.

Allow your mind to stay open to possibilities.


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