The Spiritual Counselor Podcast

Who am I and why did I start The Spiritual Counselor Podcast?

By creating The Spiritual Counselor Podcast, my hope is to offer a platform to amplify the voices of the amazing goddesses, creators, and healers who exist in a more global community of humans supporting each other.

Yoga resonated with me for a reason, and when I turn inward it brings forth the spirituality, creativity, and movement that I need to be well. When I look for those qualities in my own authentic way, those needs are more effectively met. This requires looking inward instead of outward for a solution.

The Spiritual Counselor Podcast shares stories of turning inward, finding support through spirituality, wherever your path may lead. We practice kindness, compassion, and try our hardest to do-no-harm, though it inevitably happens from time to time.

So many of us want to release the religious dogma of childhood, but appreciate the adaptive aspects of religion and spiritual practices. Having a spiritual practice or religious community is a protective factor for our mental health. Spirituality helps us navigate difficult times. Spirituality supports our mental health, so lets normalize conversations about mental health, and leave the toxic positivity out of it.

Things might get a little messy here – it won’t be perfect, and that’s okay.

Topics on the podcast include:


lifestyle choices that support our needs on all levels of functioning, physical, psychological, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

Holistic Mental Health:

  • How we work and play
  • how we relax
  • how and what we eat
  • How we think and feel
  • Physical fitness
  • Our interpersonal relationships
  • Values, beliefs
  • Finding meaning in life
  • Spiritual needs and practices


  • Spirituality encompasses a relationship to the universe, and an avenue for finding meaning and purpose in living, and unity in the universe. (Corey & Corey, 2010)
  • Spiritually healthy individuals identify their own basic purpose in life; learn how to experience love, joy, peace and fulfillment, and help themselves and others achieve their full potential. (Hales, 2009)
  • Consistent practices/rituals done in community

Feminist spirituality

(definition from Jailbreaking the Goddess) Practicing spiritual rituals in a way that connects one to the divine goddess through the cycles of nature and the moon. Marking the phases of the moon or the seasons orients us to Mother Earth and collective energy. Intersectional feminist spirituality is rooted in the belief that all human life be equally valued as evidenced by upholding human rights, evolving awareness to injustice, marginalization, and white supremacy. Practicing cultural appreciation and awareness, as opposed to appropriation and harm.


Refers to a set of beliefs that connect us to a higher power or a God. Affiliation with a church is how many people express their religion. Expressing love of God, love of neighbor, love of self. Include formal prayer and religious practices.

Interested in being a guest on the podcast?

Check out this one sheet and contact me.


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