June 11, 2022   |   Episode #: 26

Episode 26: Building Emotional Resilience

In This Episode:

In the latest episode of the podcast, Jiselle Gilliard @mighty_emotions shares how building her own emotional resilience has been transformational in her life and growth. You’ll gain insight on the steps to building emotional resilience, what to look for when your nervous system is activated, and why it’s so important as parents that we learn how to emotionally regulate.

A few gems from our conversation:
“Every time we overcome adversity, from a spiritual angle, I like to see it as an initiation into a higher version of myself. Mining the lessons in that changes the way I approach life, which fosters growth and maturity. We can’t get there if we are stuck in our emotions.”

To build emotional resilience:

1) Recognize the emotion. Name it.

2)Regulate in a somatic way.

3)Return to investigate what the emotion was showing up to teach you.

4) Do it again, whenever you notice activation.

“The need to move indicates nervous system activation – it’s a message that I need to change what I’m feeling and change the interaction. The best way to process your emotions is to go for a walk. It’s a great time to ask yourself why that emotion is showing up.”

For more of Jiselle’s wisdom and support around Emotional Resilience, find her at:
IG @mighty_emotions 
Web Maha.ke/mightyemotions

Show Transcript:

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