Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders & Body Image

Have you ever found yourself obsessing about food and your body, as if being thin would solve all your problems? Does even the thought of food bring on anxiety, or is food all you can think about? Do you use food for comfort and eat your feelings? Does feeling hungry allow you to focus on something besides painful emotions? If this sounds like you at all, your relationship with food and your body is taking up too much space in your brain, and there’s another way.

As a therapist, I worked for several years in an eating disorder partial care and intensive outpatient setting, as well as individual counseling. Eating disorders and body image issues are often a symptom of another problem, an unhealthy way of coping that we’ve developed to deal with the pain of our experiences. It’s not about the food, and yet, it is about the food.

In eating disorder treatment we will work together to reestablish a healthy relationship with food and reconnect you to your body. In a safe way, at your own pace, we will remove unhealthy habits related to food and the body and replace them with new, healthier coping skills. Clients may use a combination of dialectic behavioral therapy for accountability and mindfulness, therapeutic yoga to access the mind body connection, and sand tray therapy to process unconscious issues.

If you want to be more at peace with food and your body, contact me.

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