It’s Just a Phase: The Anxious Goddess Tools for Making Mental Health Magic


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Have you ever noticed someone who appears to stay calm, cool and collected, and wished that you could find that vibe? There’s a secret to their inner peace – it requires a lot of tools, internal work, messiness, healing, and commitment.

Sometimes merely existing in this intense world feels like A LOT. Everyone will experience mental health challenges eventually — it’s part of being human. During these times, life can get heavy, overwhelming, and extremely uncomfortable.

If you’ve found this book, you already know it’s possible to feel better, lighter, more free and less overwhelmed by negativity, you just need the tools to navigate challenging phases.

Within these pages you’ll find a mental health apothecary. Connecting with spirituality and nature, paying attention to cycles, and harnessing the magic of your most powerful internal and external resources will bolster you to not only survive, but thrive. 

This guide is written for anyone who wants to dive in to introspective practices, deepen their self-awareness, and propel themselves forward. You don’t need a diagnosis, all you need is the desire to experience wellness. 

The inspiration for this book came from a deeper understanding of the need for tools to regulate my own nervous system during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. I was grateful to have a variety of emotional regulation tools to tap into while parenting, schooling, and working as a therapist during this traumatic period in our collective experience. The phases of the Moon fostered awareness of time and connection to others when there was none. Connecting with nature and honoring the change of seasons allowed for a new level of acceptance around the ebb and flow of the seasons of my life. May you find these insights and practices equally beneficial in your healing process.

Welcome to a world where emotions are your superpower. You belong here.

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