December 17, 2021   |   Episode #: 16

Episode 16: The Power of Seasonal Living

In This Episode:

In this episode, we’re discussing Seasonal Living with Meditation teacher and all-around Goddess Dana Garced.
We dive deep into the magic of seasonal living and how a highly sensitive person can bolster their resilience by attuning to seasons. We talk meditation tools for anxiety and geek out about all things cyclical, especially her unique approach to working with Eclipse season. 🌀 🍂🍁🌻
Dana is a meditation mentor & transformational life coach for the woman who’s ready to reclaim her power, reawaken her intuition, and stop settling out of fear or self-doubt.

She’s passionate about this work because for years she felt powerless and stuck in her own life, as she struggled with debilitating shyness and anxiety. Eventually, she began to find the confidence and healing she craved through embracing meditation, spiritual rituals, oracle work, and seasonal living.

Show Transcript:

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