December 15, 2021   |   Episode #: 5

Episode 5: Tarot and Transformation

In This Episode:

In this episode, we talk tarot and transformation with Stephanie Guiler (IG @lumeriastar @stephanieguilercoaching). Stephanie is a Life Design Coach + Counselor and focuses on working with women who are feeling “stuck” get “unstuck,” to design and live an authentic life that lights them up. Through creativity, play, and learning to tap into your inner North Star (intuition), she helps women find crystal clear clarity, passion, purpose and create a life that lights them up.
In her private coaching practice, Stephanie seeks her inspiration and personal strength from the moon. Like the moon, we are always shifting. It teaches us to be patient during our tough times, lean into the discomfort, and know we are shifting into something greater. To not be afraid of our own darkness, while embracing our light, and owning all of our magic.

Show Transcript:

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