June 11, 2022   |   Episode #: 24

Episode 24: Aligning with Cycles & Feminine Wisdom

In This Episode:

Join Jamie and Tere for a conversation about the wisdom of aligning with your menstrual cycle.

🩸We’re talking all about the hormones that play a part impacting our emotions throughout the month. We delve into the idea of showing up as our “favorite selves” as opposed to “highest self” and how that plays into honoring our cyclical nature.

Tere’s background in research coupled with her love of cyclical living makes for a conversation I wish we’d had in high school health class-with some witchy vibes of course!

Tere helps people with cycles shift from dreading their cycle to seeing it as their superpower. To learn more about her work visit
teremariemartini.com or follow her on IG @cyclealchemist

Show Transcript:

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