Coping Skills for Graceful Revolution Workbook

Since everyone could use a little extra support as we forge ahead and continue to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, I thought it might be a good idea to compile all my favorite, most effective coping skills in one place. So here they are, in a concise ten page …

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Coping with COVID: Anxiety Webinar Week 1

Dear friends, It’s the first full week since we’ve been told to socially distance due to COVID. This has been a stressful time of adjustment and uncertainty to say the least. I wanted to share these coping skills with those who may need tips to emotionally regulate and manage anxiety. …

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Forget Fear.

Several years ago, I recall hearing Jillian (Pransky, my teacher) say in one of her workshops, “you don’t have to qualify to receive the grace of your breath.” It blew my mind. I took this to mean that your body keeps breathing, your lungs keep functioning, your autonomic nervous system …

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