Yoga for Optimal Digestion

I am so excited about this new partnership with American Yoga And Wellness (AWAY). They offer corporate yoga onsite and offside, bringing wellness to the workplace. Their website will be up soon, so stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, we’ve worked together to create this Yoga for Optimal Digestion video for you. The stress response leaves our digestive system in a state of distress, simply because digestion is not a necessary bodily function if you were in a life threatening situation. So often, when we experience stress in our lives, our digestive system gets completely off track. The practice of yoga helps us transition into a state of relaxation, which helps our body resume optimal digestion, and this sequence includes gentle twists and forward folds to massage the digestive organs. This practice is about ten minutes long and suitable for all levels. I hope you enjoy, and please leave comments if there are other sequence videos you’d like to see!

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